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Shaukat-ul Islam (Jinnah)


Group Captain Shaukat-ul Islam

Flying Officer Shaukat in 1967

Group Captain Shaukat-ul Islam (Jinnah) was born in 1941 in a well known family of Chawk Sutrapur, Bogra.

Shaukat was very ambitious and smart in his childhood. He passed the Secondary School Examination from Bogra Government Zilla School and Intermediate in Science from A H College, Bogra in 1960. There after he joined the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in 1961 and graduated from Risalpur Flying Academy in GD (P) branch in 1963. He completed the Jet Conversion course in PAF Mauripur, Karachi in 1964 and joined the Fighter Squadron No. 11 in PAF Sargodha in the same year.

Shaukat was narrating his colourful heroic experience in an interview with BograInfoPortal.

He is an admirable personality for the younger generation and has a profound respect in Bogra. He took part in the Indo-Pak war in 1965 as a Flying Officer and flew a total of 19 operational missions. On 16th September he was shot down in an F-86 Sabre Jet over Halwara, East Panjab while in an aerial combat with a Hunter aircraft. His aircraft caught fire and after ejection, while he was coming down by parachute he was fired from the ground and got injured by bullet wounds which was removed from his body after operation in a Military hospital. He spent about four and a half months as a prisoner of war and came back to join his old No 11 Squadron. Thereafter he served in various fighter squadrons of the PAF until 1970.

In early 1971 he was posted to Turkish Air Force from where he defected and came back to join the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). In Bangladesh he served for about 11 years in various posts, like Squadron Commander of MIG-21 fighter squadron, Base Commander Dhaka and retired as a Group Captain from the post of Assistant Chief of Air staff ( Operation & Training) in 1982. In his Air Force career of 21 years he flew 13 types of various fighters and other aircrafts. After retirement from the BAF the government of Bangladesh decided to utilize his experience in civil administration and he was posted as Chairman Tourism Corporation, Chairman Civil Aviation Authority and Managing Director Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Shaukat-ul Islam finally retired from the civil service in 1993. At present he is working as an Adviser with a private company known as GETCO Ltd   -M.H.

Link to: Air Vice Marshal Khademul Bashar >>>


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The Russian MiG-21 proved itself over and over as a formidable dogfighter against the heavier American fighters which was another reason for the success of the MiG-21. Its reliable engine, easy maintenance, rough field capabilities, and safe flight characteristic made it the most successful jet aircraft of all times.


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