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Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman
Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman: Mahfuzur Rahman Chairman and Managing Director, ATN Bangla, the first private satellite channel in Bangladesh. A young entrepreneur of Bogra and media tycoon made it known to the world that, ATN Bangla carried Bangla with all its richness to the doorsteps of international community through the satellite channel.

Mahfuzur Rahman is a pioneer of entertainment TV in Bangladesh. Commercially satellite came in 1995 in this country bringing in new technology and new format of entertainment. People jumped on the new channels and foreign culture. The new generation started growing considerably influenced by the foreign culture. Bangla, Bengali and Bangladesh started loosing attraction to the new generation.

Chronological Development of ATN Bangla:
Mahfuzur Rahman framed the day 15th July, 1997 as a bright day in the history of Bangladesh. The first Bangla private satellite channel ATN Bangla came into being aiming at telecasting news and programmes in Bangla to be viewed more than 100 countries in the world. Only a few young people and a sailor. By their dedication and commitment they carried “A-Mori-Bangla Bhasha” to the international community. ATN Bangla started its journey with the determination of promoting Bengali culture and language by using the latest technology. Time is short but the journey is long for ATN Bangla. Dedication, commitment and determination made ATN Bangla to work and establish a situation for free thinking and creative activities.

The first serial ATN Bangla began to telecast was “Saat Nombor Bari”. In 1997, West Bengal started exchanging programmes with ATN Bangla in the cultural field. ATN Bangla’s popularity began to soar. It started expanding in dimension. In 1998, ATN Bangla began to telecast its most popular programme on Islam. From 1997 to 1999. Planning, seriousness and credibility became very important factors in the performance of ATN Bangla. During this period ATN Bangla with its own technical capability started the serial drama “Sapna Kutir”. Side by side, started telecasting another serial “Bileti Bilash” for which the shooting took place outside Bangladesh. May 1999. Another step forward for ATN Bangla.

It switched over from analogue to digital technology. ATN Bangla’s screen became brighter and more attractive. Millennium 2000. ATN Bangla open the new chapter by extending its transmission of Bangla programme and Bengali culture to Europe and beyond. It started getting popular not only among Bengali but also people of other languages. ATN Bangla is now extended from Asia to Europe. For Europe ATN Bangla arranged programmes involving personalities from the cultural field. 2001. More demand, more transmission of programmes and more exchange. The ATN Bangla accepted the challenge and started competing with other satellite channels. 16th August, 2001. Another revolution for ATN Bangla.

It started news. A group of young, energetic, committed people under the leadership of an experienced and seasoned broadcasting personality prepared news for telecast at home and abroad for millions and millions viewers. The number of news bulletin was increased and put on the air from 8th in the morning to 11 at night. One of the historic events – the general election on – was covered by ATN in 2001.

The coverage included wide range of activities and was praised by all quarters for its neutrality. On October 01, 2002, ATN Bangla started telecasting English News. In 2002, another revolutionary step was taken by telecasting direct the major events at home and abroad. Also arrangements were made for the latest technology DSNG. Satellite became available not only for telecasting but also for making developments relating to information, education and entertainment available to the viewers. With the passing of time ATN Bangla switched over to the latest techniques of editing, news gathering and studio update. Everything got computerised and technology used for all purposes. In 2003, ATN Bangla achieved the praise of all for its coverage of the war in Iraq by introducing hourly news bulletin. At present, ATN Bangla telecasts live hourly bulletins besides, the regular news at a different times.

ATN Bangla became equally known to its viewers for programmes of various types and for different sections of people. ATN is now a name in the history of satellite television channel    [m.haque]

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