IT-Industries in Bogra

Gokul Medh a historical relice at Mohastan garh, Bogra
Bogra: The first cyber info city of Bangladesh


NGOs and Projects

Pollee Unnayan
A happy girl in the Prokolpo
"...this is our journy towards truth, freedom and prosparity"
Bogra Foundation

Bogra Foundation: This is a voluntary non-profit social welfare and humanitarian organization and engaged in various socio economic uplift activities of the rural needy people.


Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha(TMSS): is a modern - style, etficient and highly client oriented pro-active Non-Gov. women organization. TMSS think for a happy, healthy and prospering women folk in the society through their capacity development and self-help employment efforts.

Pollee Unnayan Parokalpo: a non-governmental NGO, development organization, located in Bogra, working for the socio-economic upliftment of the poor and landless artisans. The organization was formed in 1986, and since then, it has been providing support to its target beneficiaries in the field of skill development training, non-formal primary education, health care, family welfare, credit support etc.

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National Training & Research Academy for Multilingual Shorthand (NTRAMS) established in 1983, is an Institution for Training on Multilingual Shorthand and Computer. Originally it was started for training on Multilingual Shorthand. Now it teaches computer and secretarial science as per curriculum designed by Technical Education Board. The core mission of NTRAMS is to develop the human resources. It provides training to the officers who work in government and non-government institutions, private sectors and the unemployed youths in order to develop their skill in computer field. Status of the NTRAMS is a Department attached to Education Ministry of Government of Bangladesh.

NTRAMS is situated on 3.00 acres . land at Fultola near Jahangirabad Cantonment of Bogra district just by the side of Asian Highway in a well-communicated and pleasing environment. It attracts the attention of the visitors and passer-by for its scenic view, well-decorated & wide16 classrooms with 5 labs, library and conference room. It has a 71-seated women hostel, 182 seated male-hostel with 10 VIP residential rooms within the campus with whole time medical facilities. Besides, a beautiful mosque is there in the campus. NTRAMS at present has the following courses: Two years duration HSC (Business Management), Dip-in-Business Studies equivalent to HSC, One year Diploma in Software Application Course, 180 days' Advance Certificate Course, 120 days' NRT, 90 days' Basic Computer Course, 90 days' Computer Certificate Course and 42 days Teachers Training Course.

The SOS Children's Village Bogra is situated about 8 km to the north of Bogra city. The Village is located near the historical site of Mahastangarh. Mahastangarh is the oldest archaeological site in Bangladesh. It dates back to the third century BC and is held to be of great sanctity by the Hindus. Apart from the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, the SOS Children's Village has an SOS Social Centre, an SOS Kindergarten and a sports field. It is situated in a rural area where people live mainly on agriculture.

The construction of the SOS Children's Village Bogra started in March 1994. Ten family houses and various ancillary buildings were completed by the beginning of 1995. The construction of the SOS Children's Village Bogra (including the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School) was finally completed in April 1996.


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