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Place of Interest part-1
Historic Site of Bogra

List by sub-division (Upazila)

There are sixteen Upazilas in greater Bogra including Bogra Sadar. The places of historic importance are listed by all Upazila for the guidence of a tourist.

A. Bogra Sadar Upazila:

Bogra was officially established as a district during the British rule in the year 1821, but the seeds of Bogra city was sewn long before. Several localities have the name “Chowk” which was the common practice at the time of the Mughal rule implying that settlement in and around Bogra City started during the time of the Mughals. In Bogra Sadr there are 45 Tamples, 2 Churches and 629 Mosques, built over the long past. The Mosque are indicating the long standing Islamic tradition with this place.

Fateh Ali Bazar: Fish Market

Raza Bazar, Bogra

1. Some of the places of historic importance are “Chalo” from the days of Pir Fateh Ali, who came to Bogra in the year 1765 AD.

2. The Fateh Ali Bazar of Bogra Sadar named after Pir Fateh Ali.

3. The “Nawab Bari”: located on the western side of river “Korotoa” was originally a Banglow of the “Nilkuthiwalas”, which was bought by the Nawabs and turned into a palace.

4. Shajapur, situated only four miles south of the suburb of Bogra, is the ancient city of “Shahjahanpur”. Mughal emperor Shahjahan’s second son Shuja was the subedar (ruler) of Bengal in the year 1660, who used to reside in Rajmahal. He had a palace in Sherpur also. This was also another seat of his administration. Remnants of the arts and crafts are still seen in the Mahasthan museum.

Many princes, generals, and high ranking officers were posted in this city. Bricks, morters, Garhs, tanks (ponds) reveal that this was a city in the olden times. On the eastern side of the road, one can see 20-25 Garhs locally called “Boro Dhap”, which is the remnants of a palace. There was a bridge at the entrance to the city called “Fotoker Bridge”. Most probably the “Khal” under the “Folki Bridge” was built at that time. There are several large tanks (ponds) Called Pukur or Dighi in this ancient city.

5. Arulia is an ancient city, which lies three miles west of the suburb of Bogra. Historic sites include a Dhipi or Dhap and a large tank.

6. Aria Bazar is an ancient and historic place. It is derived from “Ario” meaning enemy. The soldiers from the Mughal-Pathan conflict were imprisoned and exiled here who were called “Oris”. The present word Aria originated from this.

7. Shujabad is situated north of Shajapur. Built after the name of Shah Shuja, the son of emperor Shahjahan.

B. Sherpur Upazila:

Sherpur of Bogra is known as the “Delhi of North Bengal”. The ancient relics of Sherpur is almost on the verge of being lost. Buddhist and Hindu days are almost erased. The memory of the Muslim rule is almost on its way out. One of the famous memorial of the Muslim rule is the famous Kherua Masjid. Ancient Tola and Bibi Masjid are almost in ruins. Revolutionary Shahid Shah Turkhan’s memorial grave (mausoleum) was built here.

In the year 1538, Pathan Sher Shah defeated Mughal emperor Humyun and snatched the throne of Delhi. Bengal was a province under Delhi at that time. For the convenience of administration Bengal was divided into 24 Shik, Sherpur being one. Shikdar was the administrator over a Shik. Sherpur took the name from Sher Shah. Between 1538 and 1556, Sherpur had impressive development. A fort and several buildings were built. During Shahjahan, his son Shuja was the ruler of Bengal, he built a palace for himself. Prominent generals like Anwar Khan and Masum Khan ruled Bogra, Pabna from Sherpur Shik. They were generals of emperor Sher Shah. In 1556, after the fall of Sher Shahi rule, Sherpur went under the Mughals. It was the time of the warfare between the Mughals and the Pathans and the Baro Bhuyans. To combat the revolts of the Pathans and the Baro Bhuyans, successively Mumin Khan, Shahbaj Khan and Man Singh were sent to this region. The following are places of historic importance in Sherpur.

1. The Kherua Masjid with three domes and four minarets was built in the year 1582. The inscription discovered at the Masjid reveals its history which remains till today where it was originally placed.
2. Bibi Mosque (1628 AD)
3. Khondkar Tola Masjid (1632 AD) was built during the rule of Sher Shah.
4. Shahid Shah Turkhan’s memorial grave (mausoleum)
5. Sherpur Murcha
6. Killa Kushi
7. Bhobanipur, situated five miles south of Sherpur Upazila, is an ancient township and a historic site. There is an old Hindu temple originally built by Mir Jumla and later rebuilt by Rani Bhobani.

C. Kahalu Upazila:

Folktale reveals the name of one Kalu Shah who was a Sufi saint in whose name was built Kahalu. The places of historic importance are as follows:

1. Deb Gram, which ultimately became “Deogao". In the olden days there was a city and a palace here. Remnants of the palace, ponds, tanks marks testimony to this historic claim.
2. Durgapur has an ancient fort.
3. Malonchi was the seat of the ruler’s treasury.
4. Dhap Sultanganj is situated one mile north of river Nagar. Here on the Tipi or Dhap was Shah Sultan Balkhi's Asthana hence the place is called Dhap Sultanganj. Here lies also the largest and oldest Bazar in North Bengal.
5. Adamdighi: In the 13th century a famous preacher named Baba Adam came to this place in the service of Islam. Here he built an Asthana and started Dawa’h work. He also dug a Dighi (tank). The place, called Adam Dighi, takes its name from Baba Adam and the Dighi (tank) he dug.
6. Ronbagha is situated 2 miles south of the Upazila. Ghazi Kalu, the famous army chief of Sultan Shamsuddin Firoj Shah of Gaur had a battle with Mukut Roy of Brahman Nagar here, where Mukut Roy was defeated. The soldiers of Gazi Kalu were dressed in outfit resembling tiger skin. Ron Bagha, or the “battle of the tiger” name is derived from this incident.
Other places of historic importance in Kahalu Upazila are: Arola, Jogir Bhoban, Dhup Chachia, Omarpur, Gunahar, Dim Shohor, Deora, Chapapur, Koroi/Jhakoir, Faqirkata Bil and Nandirgram.

D. Shonatola Upazila:

Towards the end of the 16th century this area was under the Bara Bhuyan chief Isa Khan. Isa Khan built a Ganj 2 miles east of the present day Upazila head quarter after his wife Shona Bibi. Shonatola in those days, was a famous port.

Gor (fort) Fatepur Fort is the most famous historical place in Shonapur. The fort was built by Raja Nilambar of Kamrup, according to the folktale. Here, the famous ruler of independent Muslim Bangladesh Sultan Alauddin Hossian Shah and king Nilambar had a fierce battle. With the defeat of Nilambar, all the eastern region of Korotoa came under Muslim rule.
Other places of importance are: Shahbazpur, Mundumala, Shariakandi, and Chandan Baisha.

E. Joypurhat Upazila:

Joypurhat takes the name from king Joy Pal. The ruins of his palace is still visible. Between 810-850 AD he conquered many lands, this got him the title of king but he was the Chief of the army of emperor Deb Pal.
Other places of importance are Pathor Ghata and Mohipur, remnants of the palace of Sen kings and some tanks are still there. Mohipur is named after Pal emperor Mohi Pal I.

F. Khetlal Upazila:

Khetlal is named after the color of its soil which is red and was part of the ancient Barendra Bhumi. Of the historic places, Khosh Badan’s Mazhar, situated here. Hinda Jame Masjid and Harunja Gramer Mazhar are also places of great interest.

G. Gabtoli Upazila:

Durgahata is situated in Gabtoli Upazila. During the Mughal emperor Akbar, this region was under the Bara Bhuyans. In the year 1582 AD it was under Isa Khan. Mughal army general Shahbaz Khan was sent to suppress Isa Khan. Isa Khan built a fort here. Presently Durgahata is becoming a port.

H. Kalai Upazila:

The places of historic importance are Nandail Dighi, half a mile long dug by the Maurya king Nanda. A very old tank (water reservoir) indeed. Mohasthan and more»


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