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Bogra is situated in northern Bangladesh near India
Gokul Medh a historical relice at Mohastan garh, Bogra

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147th Birth Anniversary
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Bogra A. H. Govt. University College

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A. H. Govt. College

Government Azizul Haque University College, Bogra is one of the renowned public college under National University of Bangladesh. It is one of the largest educational institution which is located at Bogra, Bangladesh. This college was established in July 1939. This college was named after Sir Azizul Haque who was Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University at that time.

BOGRA:The cyber info city of Bangladesh provides you all kinds of information about its citizen, culture, industry and economy. This website project has been initiated on 16th December 2001 the day of the 30th anniversary of liberation Bangladesh.

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The city of Bogra (Bogura) graciously invit you to join the Forum Your contribution to the Bogra group discussion forum could be an impulse for the development of Bangladesh as a whole.

Government Azizul Haque University College, Bogra is one of the renowned public college under National University of Bangladesh. It is one of the largest educational institution which is located at Bogra, Bangladesh.This college was established in July 1939. This college was named after Sir Azizul Haque who was Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University at that time. Dr M. M. Mukherjee was the first principal of this college. The notable faculty members of the university has included the linguist Muhammad Shahidullah and renowned Bengali author, academician, scholar and linguist Syed Mujtaba Ali. The college started its first actions at 'Subil Free Primary School' in the north side of Bogra town. Later it was transferred to Fulbari Bottola. It was only one straw shaded small room. Some great hearted men of Fulbari and Marhum Moyen Uddin Pramanik, Marhum Rasidullah Sardar donated some pieces of lands to build up the college. With a view to setting up the college Marhum Rajib Uddin Tarafdar, Marhum Mr. Mohammad Ali, Moulovi Osman Gani, Marhum Nawab Uddin Talukdar, Babu Naresh Chandra Tarafdar, Babu Nalin Chandra Chatterzy, Babu Profullo Chandra Sen, these seven high-spirited men donated seven thousands Taka. The then, a one third part of profit of the White-Way Circus Company Charity Show was sacrificed to the name of the college. For the donations of these generous men the college got its substantive shape. Besides so many people played a great role for establishing the college, who were the members of the first governing bodies of the college. They are Mr. Mohammad Ali Chairman (Previous Prime Minister of Pakistan), Moulovi Osman Gani Editor, Mr. Habibur Rahaman Member (Former Minister of Pakistan), Doctor Mofiz Uddin Member, Mr. Mahbubur Rahaman Chowdhury Cashier.

In 1941 the college was sanctioned by Calcutta University with the constant effort, perseverance, diligence of Sir Azizul Haque (Education Minister of Non-Separated Bangle, Speaker of Bengali Parliament, Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University, India). In 1968 the college was recognized as a government college. The college has two residences. In 9th July 1939 it was established on 4 acres land. Now it is known as Old Residence of Azizul Haque College. Only Higher Secondary classes are administered here. In 1962 with great endeavor of Mr. Habibur Rahaman (Previous Education Minister of Pakistan Government) a H shaped new building of the college was established on 55 acres land. At present it is known as the 'New Residence of Govt. Azizul Haque College'. It is situated at the east side of Dhaka-Rangpur Mahasarak, north side of railway line, half kilometer away from the Bogra Railway Station. Degree (pass), Honors and Masters classes are administered here. Now 23 subjects of Honors course and 18 subjects of Masters course are available here. Post Graduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (PGD in ICT) and Foreign Language Learning Courses are also started now. The old residence of the college has enough class rooms, 4 laboratories, a highly developed computer lab, a library, office rooms, common rooms for girls, five buildings including a two storied mosque, a vast play ground, a three storied residential building for boy students named Fakhruddin Ahmed Hall. The new residence of the college has a three storied building for arts and commerce group, a three storied building for the student of science group, a two storied building for library, a 2500 seated and well decorated vast auditorium, a two storied building for Principal, a student-parliament building, a rover-scout building, laboratories, a two storied mosque, a vast play ground, cafeteria, post office, bank, teachers-club, tennis-ground, a most up-to-date conference room for teachers, three residential buildings for male students (Shahid Titumir Hall, Sher-E-Bangla Hall, Akhtar Ali Moon Hall), one residential building for female students (Begum Rokeya Hall) and many more including two luxurious coach and two minibus for students. -written by Abdul Momin.
New Residence of Govt. Azizuz Haque University College, BOgra. Sir Azizul Haque
Dr. Mohammad Sohidullah Sayed Mujtaba Ali
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This Information portal is for the people of Bogra living inside and outside Bogra. Here you will find from A to Z of Bogra (Bus-Rail-Air Timetable, Sports-center, School, College, Hospital, Bazar, Public Institutions, Bank, Post, Industry, Shopping Molls, Fashion, Cinema, Theatres, Film, Music, Books, CD, Newspaper, Mosque, Church, Pagoda, Temples, NGOs, VIPs) and so on. We are not a government organization but we do have respect to our Government. Nonetheless we speak the truth and we are not influenced by any political parties. Please help us by providing your valuable advice.

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